Sister Ray

Love At First Sight

Raylxia (Rae-lex-ee-yuh) - an often frequented member of the popular virtual game ROBLOX- recently joined a well-renowned ROBLOX Group known as Divine Sister and became apart of their staff team. A group with 12K+ members and counting, Raylxia instantly became obsessed with the group's hardworking atmosphere and their support for the LGBTQ+ Community.

Ray's Journey

On July 18th, 2019, Raylxia filled out an application for Divine Sister with hopes of joining their holy ranks. Only 11 days later on July 29th, she was announced/pinged in a "passers" channel via discord (along with other applicants) with a congratulations regarding their acceptance into the community.

Opening New Doors

On the day of training, she was introduced to the holy Valindra, the owner of Divine Sister, Rikkixo, and AstrideIIe. Raylxia and other trainees proceeded with the training session under the instruction of the higher-ups and eventually began work within the Sanatorium, otherwise known as De Pride Isle Sanatorium. Now, Raylxia has achieved the bronze rank of Torium Maid 🥉 and continues to work within their community.

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